Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Additional Accomplishment Info.

The guy I tapped the other day? He filed an insurance claim, saying that he and his passenger have injuries. Let's look at the reasons why this is ridiculous:
  • I was 99% slowed to a stop already; the slick roads made a stop of x seconds take x+1 seconds, and it was during that +1 second that I bumped his car.
  • The first words I remember the man saying were, "I want to get a police report."
  • There was no sign of damage to either car. Literally not even a scratch.
  • There was no sign of injury to anyone involved. He and his passenger got in and out of the car several times. He walked across the street, stood around on the phone, etc. His passenger came back to my car and tried to chat with Elena.
  • After he had called the cops and given them my plate number, he suggested that we simply trade insurance information and go our separate ways. (Not wanting to be accused of leaving the scene of an accident, I flatly refused.)
  • When the police officer arrived on the scene, HE ASKED if there was any damage to either vehicle and if anyone was injured, to which the other driver and I replied, "No."
  • Per my insurance agent, the other driver has a minor history of similar incidents.
I'm not sure who told this gentleman that this is how you get free money, but they were wrong. My insurance agent was unworried on the phone, probably because when I responded to the message she left I obviously considered the whole thing such a non-incident. I'm certainly glad I did wait for the police to arrive and investigate: Sgt. H. L. Preston (who really was very nice, personable, and understanding) will probably be my saving grace.

I leave you with pictures of the damage done to both vehicles:

The other vehicle.  Look at the damage!

My vehicle.  She'll never be the same.  :(

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