Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crossword Boredom

I get bored pretty easily sometimes. When that happens, the results vary: sometimes I sit and watch TV, sometimes I do some computer tinkering. Sometimes, my boredom spawns an odd form of creative energy.
This is a Google "Crossword of the Day" that I purposely filled with as many wrong, but halfway-appropriate words as I could. As you can see, so far there's only one blatant anagram ("shueo" for "Home of a Chinese official") and one empty space (in 3 Down, "Particles of matter". Anyone have a decent suggestion for that?) I'm particularly proud of some of the purposeful misunderstandings, like "This is one of five on your foot", three letters, being "one". Has anyone else ever done this? How far did you manage to get before it all fell down?

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