Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Update:

  1. Rock the Bayou has been awesome, and should continue to be so. The organization leaves much to be desired sometimes, but I'm giving the promoter a bit of leeway since this is apparently his first event ever, it's the first year for this festival, and the lineup of bands is EXCELLENT.
  2. I have no worries that Gustav will hit Houston. I don't even worry that we'll get enough rain to flood seriously. I wish we would start to get some cloud cover and maybe sprinkling at the festival.
  3. I have a pretty bitchin' sunburn right now. :P
  4. The purple in my hair is almost completely gone due to my constant sweating. It is a failed experiment; I loved the color, but it won't hold unless I bleach. I'm not going to bleach again any time soon.
  5. I'm totally psyched to see ALICE COOPER tonight. Sammy Hagar rocked the house last night, and there was an appropriate level of appreciatory tit-flashing.
I think that's it for now. I'm just chillin' at la casa before today's lineup on the main stage really gets going. See you later!

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