Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike.

It was very strange.  We sat around Friday with nothing to do until the evening.  The wind started first, blowing and rattling windows, but the rain didn't follow until HOURS passed.  We had power and internet for quite a long while (with an occaisional stutter) and were strangely connected to our friends while we were simultaneously bottled inside our house.

It rattled.  It rained.  The windows sounded like they would blow out every few minutes, but they survived.  We got a little water inside the house, mainly due to someone's bad idea.  V. and I sat in our bedroom and listened to the radio by candlelight.  We slept in turns and fits, eventually waking to a morning of relative calm.

I took some photos.  They're here.

V., E., and I took refuge lately at the House ov Discord.  They have electricity, water, and internet because they're in the medical district.  The HoD also has lots of friends, so we're in good company.

We have decent water pressure at our place, but no power as of yet.  Hope it comes back soon; cross your fingers for me.

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