Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life Gets In The Way.

Ah, Ike. How you have disrupted Houston's blogging community, uprooting trees and breaking windows like the lovable scamp you were. None of us are sad that you're gone, for your memory stays with us.

I don't want you to think I disappeared. As Sinistar would tell you, "I. LIVE!" My time was spent reading Neal Stephenson's Anathem (which is a wonderful book, and one you should all read), cleaning house, riding my new yard-sale bikes around the neighborhood, and cooking for the people at the HoD. I met (or possibly re-met) the wonderful Priscilla of Foodielicious and spent an enjoyable evening hanging with her and others. I reaffirmed my belief that people can be good to each other, now and then, if the circumstances are right. I faced and beat my apprehension of major streets to ride a bike to not one, but two places to which I wouldn't walk.

Things were pretty good.

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