Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inactivity and Confusion.

I'm not doing a very good job of keeping this blog updated, am I?

I spend a lot of time these days online (which is nothing new) chatting with V., my "three weeks new" lover, Lady J., and her husband, J.  We talk about a lot of different things, as you'd expect new friends to do.  We slowly learn each others' pasts while sharing and helping with a few of the problems the present brings.  I feel very close to these two despite the short time we've been acquainted.

I know Lady J. thinks very highly of me.  She allows me past a lot of the barriers she's built over the years, and I appreciate it all.  She wrote a blog post recently that basically shouts from the rooftops how much she likes me.  After reading it, I can't help feeling awkward.  Even after slicing through so many of the walls she has like a hot knife through butter, I still don't really see what makes me special.  It's hard for me to believe that of all the partners Lady J. had, I somehow touch her in a way that doesn't happen very often.  Reading the sort of compliments she gives me actually makes a part of me frustrated, irrational as it is.  I don't fully understand the praise, and I certainly don't understand my reaction to it.  I just hope my confusion doesn't bleed through and alter my feelings the next time I'm with her.

On a much lighter note, I signed up for one of those "free iPod" sites and actually had my free trial recognized as completed.  If I can get five of you fine folken to sign up for a free trial of something using my referral link, I might get a very nice iPod.  The trial I signed up for was an "Option B - Complete One Offer" trial that gave me 25 free downloads from  I used several of the 25 downloads to get mp3s of Mitch Hedberg's final, posthumously-released comedy album; I'm sure you could find something that interests you.  Cancelling my account wasn't too difficult, either: I set an e-mail reminder a day early via Google Calendar, and the cancellation link on eMusic's site worked the first time, no issues.  (Of course, it's a decent site - you might want to subscribe instead of cancelling.)  If you've wondered whether anyone actually benefits from these "free gift" sites, please click my referral link, sign up for any of the offers that looks interesting, and we'll find out together.

I'll try to be around more.  :P

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