Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Question for AT&T Wireless:

Why, if I pay my bill online Friday morning, don't the charges at least register as pending on my bank account by Friday afternoon? Which clearing house do you use - Publisher's?
(sent via their contact form.  we'll see what response I receive.)

In Which the Author Fails to Comprehend.

Me: I will shortly send you a file that should help you view Hulu and other US video sites.
Her: thanks :)
Me: Oh, wait.
Me: Yeah, never mind, you are on mac.
Her: true. I'm out of luck!
Me: Mac usage makes me sad.
Me: You use mac. J1 and J2 use mac.
Me: I can't send you folks anything useful.
[ snip ]
Me: I don't understand Mac usage. :(
Her: **patpat**
Her: It's for people who don't want to think about computing.
Me: That's what bothers me.
Me: It's like there's a whole section of the population that would happily cry from the mountaintops that Swanson Hungry-Man Dinners are better than home-cooked food.
Me: Yes, you have to know something about how to choose and prepare ingredients to make lasagna at home, but Swanson doesn't even OFFER a ready-made lasagna.
Me: Mind if I use some of this in a blog post?
Her: go ahead
Me: Thanks. <3
Me: Uh-oh. I dunno if I can make a new blog post; The Pizza Box Dilemma has 69 posts right now.
Her: the perfect number!
Me: Yeah. Oh, well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Frustrations of Technical Support.

An excerpt from a conversation with a friend.  Bear in mind, I'm not a pro - I only do tech support on the family computers.  If I had to go into work and deal with similar issues, I'd be on the fast track to substance abuse and suicide.
[17:16] Thraeryn: God, I hate that computer
[17:27] J1: J2 has a secure position in my family as the only one who can fix their computers
[17:27] Thraeryn: It's a frustrating position.
[17:28] Thraeryn: I would almost rather shoot myself than fix that computer sometimes.
[17:28] J1: Yeah
[17:29] Thraeryn: I don't even want to go into everything potentially wrong with it. It suffices that there is a long list, part of which should be fixing now,
[17:29] J1: My mom called last night because she deleted all the settings for her printer and everything.
[17:29] Thraeryn: part of which - oh, man.
[17:29] Thraeryn: As someone comfortable with the things, you want to just turn on all the administrative options because you know you're smart enough not to kill the damned thing.
[17:30] Thraeryn: But then you give it to someone else, and it's like they never learned that you need to feed it, water it, and give it love; that they never knew it needed to go to the bathroom at least three times a day, probably more, etc.
[17:31] Thraeryn: They cut off its tail because once when the thing was acting funny its tail did something they hadn't seen before and it looked like it might be bad. . . .


Love is giving your daughter the last of the potato chips without telling her you wanted some, too.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Postdating? Post dating?

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