Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm pretty lucky. About nine or ten years ago (good God) I created an interesting, unique name to use online. Aside from sharing it around as a surname with a select few people, no one else uses or has ever used it. If you search for "thraeryn" on the net, I can tell you something about every result. If you message "thraeryn" on an instant messenger (and the user exists), you'll get me. It's so much my second name that if someone in a crowd shouted "Hey, Thraeryn!" I'd immediately respond - no momentary lag as the recognition dawns that "oh, that's me they're calling".  

Thanks to those folks that I let share the name, the top three "thraeryn" TLDs (com, net, and org) have almost always been in "The Family"'s possession. They have pointed at various things over the years, from a family information page to a KoL wiki to a personal gallery, etc. A couple of days ago, I asked for control of all of them and pointed them all at this blog, The Pizza Box Dilemma. We don't have a server set up at our house currently for other projects, but when we do again, I'll be able to pick one of the domains and point it there. That's a damned nice luxury to have.  

Being able to say that you are pretty much the only person on the net using a certain name is a very cool feeling. Owning all three of the best-known top level domains for that name is a rarity. Big thanks to Jim for keeping them alive at times when I couldn't (and getting .com back), and to Bill for giving me the first space at which they were ever pointed. Huge hugs and well-wishes to everyone that was ever part of The Family. Whatever happened between us, know that there was a time I was happy to have every last one of you share my name.

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