Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Road-Trip `08!

V., E. and I usually make a road trip to Americus, GA to see my family at Christmastime.  This year, we also brought along V.'s older kids, Britches and Stiney.  I worried about how the trip would go - it's a long way and we're not used to having all three kids in the car for more than an hour.  We prepared as best we could, using a lot of the ideas and print-outs from Mom's Minivan and finding all of our audiobook CDs.  We gave each kid $5 with which to buy their own snacks for the trip.

In the end, what Google estimates as a 12.5-hour drive took us 17 hours.  Surprisingly and thankfully, most of it wasn't because of the kids.  We consolidated all rest stops (save a short one that I requested near the end) and really only halted once for food.  (The short trip to Krystal, then trip back because my order wasn't right don't count.  Because that's what I say and I'm writing the blog post.)

Here are a couple of tweets from yesterday that summarize our biggest hold-up:

The folks at NTB were very friendly, as always.  Our other major stop was when the end of the trip was in sight, in Phenix City, AL:

I couldn't tell you the cause, but Stiney got carsick for whatever reason.  Even that wasn't as bad as it could have been.  She gave us warning and we stopped in time to get her out of the car before she unwillingly redecorated the interior.  It did add time, though: we waited for her to feel better, stopped at a drugstore to get some chewable Tylenol for her, and then made the ill-fated Krystal stop to make me feel better after losing so much time (which, in turn, cost us more time than anticipated).

Today, we're here.  We  all slept well last night, and today is a nice, relaxing day.  My dad even went in with me on a wireless router so we can all benefit from the DSL modem in the den.  There's generally not a lot of stress here at my grandparents' house, so it counts as a real, honest vacation.  It was just rough getting here.

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Rachel said...

Glad you all made it! You guys have a wonderful time and I'll see you when you get back! <3