Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Holiday Gift to You: Remove Audible DRM!

I found these instructions in pieces across the net, but mostly here.  Just thought I'd repost it in a short, concise format for your holiday usage.  I want to give you back the files that you already bought.  This conversion method requires the use of two Windows computers.
  1. Using the first computer, get an Audible account and the latest version of Audible Manager.  Make sure your account is set to download .aa files in Format 4.
  2. Download some books!
  3. Download an older version of Audible Manager.  Version 3.5 seems to work pretty well.  Install the old version on the second computer.
  4. Download dbpoweramp.  You'll also need to download the dbpoweramp DirectShow codecs.  Install both on the second computer, where the old version of Audible Manager resides.
  5. Transfer the .aa book files from the first computer (new Audible Manager) to the second computer (dbpoweramp & old Audible Manager).  Open Audible Manager on the second computer and import the files into that computer's library.
  6. Open dbpoweramp music converter or batch converter.  Select the files to be converted and click the big "Convert" button.  Choose to convert the files to mp3 (LAME), CBR, 32 kbps.
That's it!  dbpoweramp should start converting those horrible aa, DRMed files into non-DRM mp3s.  It will most likely take a while, but it will work at 14-30 times the play speed.  That's a LOT better than many of the other solutions I found - most of those will only work at 1-1.5x, which would make the conversion of a four-hour audio book take four hours.

Here's hoping this helps you enjoy your files!  Happy holidays!

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