Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The One-Glove Dilemma.

I lose so many gloves. 

Every year, I buy at least one pair of gloves.  Sometimes they're cheap, knit wool gloves.  Other years, they're sexy (and cheap) Thinsulate driving gloves.  While I was in Canada, I found myself the not-so-proud owner of a thick pair of lobster-claw mittens.  With the exception of the black lobster claws, I always face the same problem: one glove somehow becomes separated from the other and is never seen again.  My daughter, of course, has the same problem, except her gloves remain a pair for less time than mine.

This year, I vowed to keep our gloves together as pairs.  It won't stop us from losing them, but we will avoid the frustration of finding just one glove, goddammit.  (Even thinking of it makes me grumpy!)  Gentle readers, I give you . . . SNAPS!!!
Yes, this year I installed half of a snap in one glove and half in another, providing a convenient way to keep `em together.  I'm quite proud of myself, too - normally I waste a lot of the little snap pieces, squeezing too hard and smushing them.  This time, I didn't smush a single one!  Go, me!

[10:56] V.: make it snappy!
[10:57] Me: I did!
I turned a minor mistake into a "feature" with E.'s gloves.  When I realized I installed one of the snaps "backwards", I made sure to do the other side the same way.  I call the result "butterfly gloves", a moniker that E. really likes.

I have to resist calling this a "stroke of genius" because I know it's totally not.  I do hold out some increased hope that I might keep a full pair of gloves from this year to the next.  E.'s are just slightly too long in the fingers, and mine are a very nice pair of knit work gloves (with Thinsulate!) that only cost me $3.  Keeping both pairs and using them next year would be great.  I eliminated the problem of losing one glove; now I just need to install a $50 RF locator in each pair.

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