Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Technology BITES.

Apparently, all of my technology is deciding to take the holidays off.  What a fun time of year for this to happen!

The phone I borrow from a friend of ours has been on the fritz for a long while now.  Its battery is particularly fussy, and if it's nudged just a bit out of whack it turns the phone off.  Remove the back cover, reseat the battery, and all is fine again.  It's not a big problem . . . until you find yourself missing texts regularly, and frequently reseating the battery four or five times a day.  Just now, the phone turned off after sitting not in my cramped pocket, but ON MY LAP.  If anyone has an old BlackBerry that's unlocked or AT&T branded that they want to get rid of, let's work something out.

My seven-year-old desktop computer, Bloodslick, bit the dust for the moment.  A breaker blew, causing Bloodslick and everything else to shut off momentarily.  The frustrating thing is that everything else turned on again, while Bloodslick didn't.  I took a can of compressed air to his insides to no avail.  He's dead for now; won't even load BIOS.  I'm thankful that we have the kid computer and the laptop, Thraepokolips.

Thraepokolips's "a" key is funny.  There was a rock under it minutes ago; I removed that.  I can't get the plastic key on the right way, though, so trying to type is still a little wonky and frustrating.  "A" is a pretty common letter in most English texts.  No one wants to buy me an MSI Wind netbook from Microcenter or NewEgg, do they?

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Nan, C. said...

Hrm. Must've been that rock that'd been screwing up the X key the last few days. Was a pain for me, but not as bad as as screwed up A.