Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where IS Everyone? Oh, Right, It's Cold.

For  several days, E. pestered me to go to the zoo.  I finally decided that we would go yesterday, Wednesday.  (Didn't change the pestering much; little girl has very little time sense yet.)  Of course, yesterday was one of the coldest days we had this winter season.  Regardless, E. was still dead-set on going, so I obligingly dressed us warmly, put on our snappy gloves, hopped in the car and headed out.

This was the scene when we arrived:

It's Empty!
Something about this picture seems a little odd, no?

That's right.  Aside from a smattering of zoo employees, we were the only people in sight.  Granted, the temperature was damn near freezing, and that usually sends Houstonians running for cover, scrambling to cover all outdoor pipes with insulation.  The zoo has plenty of heated buildings, though, and to a properly-bundled father and daughter, the walks between weren't a problem.

Despite the camera's battery dying on arrival, I made sure to take several cell phone pictures:

The Aquarium
Natural Encounters
Natural Encounters 2
Lonely Girl
We didn't really see any other patrons until we got to the lizard building, where two guys were inside talking.  (There was one guy who thought about entering the Natural Encounters building, but he decided against it when he saw us making a beeline for the place.)  I may never see the zoo that empty again, but it was a lot of fun to have the run of the place that once.  

Most amazing part?  As we were on our way out, it began snowing.  Not much fun for the man who moved away from Winnipeg, but a ton of fun for his Houston-born daughter.

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