Monday, January 12, 2009

Collaborative Dreaming.

Lately, I talk a lot about dreams with my friends.  I have a lot of fun doing so, too, because I enjoy coming up with the wacky plots one encounters in one's nighttime ramblings.  Dreams can be serious one moment and absurd the next, full of people and places you once knew.  They can be about anything, from flying to taking a Maraschino golf ball to the race track to bet on a goat race.

I have so much fun coming up with strange dream ideas that I thought you might like the chance, too.  Instead of just asking all of you to share your dreams via comments, though, I thought we might work together on one!  So, today (and for the rest of the week), I invite you to head over to the Joint Dream page that I make on Wikia's Dreams wiki.  It's supposed to be like a "community story": different people will add the sort of strange, absurd elements that happen in an average dream.  Read what's there and add another element to the dream.  Tweet about it and invite your friends to drop by and contribute their own absurdities.  By Sunday, I hope we have something really strange and wonderful, but also like a genuine dream that you might have on any given night.

Why are you waiting? Head on over and add something to the dream!

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