Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life As It Stands.

Things are a little odd lately.

Well, maybe not.  They feel odd to me.  Some things feel like they're going a bit backward:
  • I almost have our dual-Xeon server, ATLAS, back online.  I even hope to be able to load all of the old sites that he hosted - from the HTML and PHP files to the SQL tables that I managed to export before I wiped his hard drives.
  • I'm working from home.  Granted, it's not for a lot of money, but it's some money.

Other things are definite steps forward:
  • I'm writing fairly regularly.  (That's how I'm earning that little bit of cash.)  It's "real" writing, writing for the masses instead of my friends & family, writing with guidelines instead of just pouring thoughts out.  I try to structure things and make thoughts flow progressively.  No, I don't have any links or examples; sorry.  I think it's all going pretty well, though.  The person I'm writing for hasn't offered any criticisms, and has tossed me a compliment, even.
  • The house is being improved, slowly.  We finally saved the cash to finish installing laminate flooring in the living room.  Three of the rooms in our house have hand-made curtains instead of horrible, broken blinds.  I think we're going to save cash for the balcony garden next.  That'll be a pretty big event.  The balcony hasn't been as pleasant for a while now; its remodeling should make it green and relaxing.
  • I'm on week five or six of a regular exercise routine.  I don't feel much of a change, but I can see a change.  The paunch I saw growing disappeared.  A slap to the thigh doesn't create a ripple of frenzied activity from usually bored, disinterested fat cells.  I'm even beginning to see the barest hints of chest muscles, and that's something I don't remember EVER seeing.

Some things aren't steps forward.  Sadly, I don't think V. and I are seeing as much of our friends as before.  Tuesdays aren't drawing much of a crowd, and that's really the time that we would get to see and relax with the people we enjoy.  It is, as always, due to a combination of things in our life and in the lives of our friends.  That doesn't make it any less sad.  I need to work harder to see the people that I like.

We don't have as much money as we have some times.  It's decidedly more than we had during some periods.  It's steady; I think that, at this point, the city would be hard-pressed to fire V. from her library job.  We have to save pretty hard to get any of the things on our "big purchases" list, and they're almost all home improvements, things that it would be damned nice to do now.  I could change that pretty easily by getting even a part-time job outside the home, but that would mean giving up my time with the daughter that gets more and more AWESOME every day.  I love the girl and I love that time.  I should still take the step and find something I can do for twenty hours' pay each week.

A few things are the same.  As happens every few years, I'm working on buying/completing a new computer.  I love to spend time reading, and V. tries to bring home a steady stream of books for her enjoyment.  I read some of those.  I still hate most of the female characters on "Everybody Loves Raymond", especially Ray & Robert's mother.

2009 is starting well on the national level.  It's pretty good here at home, too.  I hope it gets even better, and I'm going to work to make it happen.

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Sarah P. said...

It was really nice to get a meaty update rather than just Twitter stuff. :) So, thanks! *hug*