Saturday, January 3, 2009

Red Rooster of Burnin' Love.

I'm turning into one of "those guys".  No, not the ones that always have visible ass-crack or that belch loudly in public or that end up on the sex-offender registries.

I'm turning into one of those guys that puts hot sauce on everything.  Specifically, my new beloved:
Tuong Ot Sriracha.  It's a yummy blend of chili, sugar, salt, garlic, and vinegar.  If you've been to a Chinese restaurant sometime in the past three years, you've seen this bottle or one like it.  It rests there on the table, tempting you.  It urges you to explore unknown vistas of spicy heat.  "Just try me," it whispers softly.  "You've never had anything as hot as I am."

Well, I did try it the other day, and it wasn't quite as hot as I imagined.  It's plenty spicy, sure, but I didn't receive instant chemical burns to my tongue.  More importantly, it has its own unique taste that I find I quite like.  I ate the rest of my meal, happily applying hot sauce to the bites of garlic chicken and feeling my face flush slightly.

I ran into a problem, though.  I had leftovers.  I ate the leftovers for dinner.

The leftovers were not enough.

I was left with a rumbling tummy and a desire to go out right then, order more Chinese food, and then hit the store to get my own bottle of sriracha.  Normally that would be no problem.  It's a bit of an issue at 8:45 on New Year's Eve when you have friends coming over around 9.  As anyone who follows me on Twitter saw, it was a BIG issue.

Anyway, I got out the very next day and fed my craving by getting some Chinese food for lunch, then buying my own bottle of sauce.  I added more of it to that day's leftovers, then added a bit more after.  It wasn't just good; it was excellent.  Last night, I decided to try a bit on V.'s already wonderful lasagna: delicious.

So yeah.  I think I'm working my way down a slow spiral, at the end of which I will have tried adding some sriracha to every food I enjoy.  It's not something I ever understood before now (I still don't really understand it) or envisioned myself doing, but here we are.

I think the next dish I try will be hot dogs with cheese and a thin line of hot sauce down the middle.  Say a little prayer for me.

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Rachel said...

You know what it's awesome on? Cold pizza! That's one of my favorite applications. We love that stuff around here. Vietnamese sandwiches, congee, fried rice, stir fry, vegetables. Max also loves it on everything. Welcome to the Rooster love!