Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Wiggles Challenge: An Update

I failed The Wiggles Challenge last night.

I know. I'm very disappointed, too. V., a friend of hers from high school and I were sitting around, talking and having a good time. I had a drink or two, and before I knew it, out slipped a swear word. I caught myself right after I said it, too, which is (of course) just too late. Shoot.

At the Freezepop concert last night, I failed again once or twice. I had a few more drinks there. Seems to be a correlation there, no? Even having a friend working as my on-call profanity didn't quite work (though thanks to S. for offering).

I'm not giving up. I can go a week without using swear words. I'll keep trying until I make it.

1 comment:

Sara J. said...

Well, $&#!... I thought you'd last longer than that! haha, keep going, we have faith in you.