Thursday, June 4, 2009

Naptime Dreams?

Such an oddity while I napped this afternoon. I was one of the organizers of a concert that was going on while there were riots and the government was collapsing. What poor circumstance. In addition to all that, our headlining act (and ONLY act) was a no-show.

When I realized that our act was probably not going to show, I started getting the stage ready for something different. I commandeered a microphone, a podium, and some effects boxes. At the slated time I announced that the scheduled act was a no-show, but then surprised the audience by starting into a totally improvised freestyle rap with a sort of metal background. It was violent and hard. A fair number of the audience weren't impressed and left, but enough stayed to make me feel like it was worthwhile to continue.

The audience eventually trickled away and I wandered around the back of the club, where the backup band hired for the original artist were milling about. We watched news reports of people unable to leave or re-enter the country. I didn't get any compliments, but I felt at least a little camaraderie.

So strange.

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