Monday, July 20, 2009

The posts come few and far between!

We'll see if I can change that or if my plans to blog more fall by the wayside. AGAIN.

I am getting pretty good at some things. One of those things is modifying Wiis so that they can play "backup" versions of games. I'm considering starting a service and charging people for it, except there's already a dude in Houston who does that, apparently. I can undercut him, perhaps, but then we might get into a price war, and THEN we might get into a knife fight, and I'm not as in-shape as I have been. I've also never been in a knife fight. It seems like it's safer, if not as lucrative, to just let the other guy have the business.

I'm getting pretty good at not exercising. I really need to fix that one. I REALLY need to e-mail a friend of a friend that I met the other night, as he and his wife live a stone's throw away and exercise all the time. I shall do that tomorrow.

I am getting better at Punch-Out!!. I know because I finally beat King Hippo today for the first time. I also beat Piston Hondo, but he didn't seem nearly as much of a challenge. I guess that's good, because it would be pretty sweet if I could actually beat the game.

I hope that I am getting better at making mixed drinks, because I have a pretty nice tequila in the freezer, and some lime juice and Triple Sec. I want to make a margarita that's worth drinking. My efforts in the past have been, shall we say, mind-flaying, blistering failures. I may look for some detailed recipes a little later. I need to get it right because I don't want to spend the evening crying and pouring good alcohol down the drain because I just can't stomach it.

I also hope that I am getting better at keeping this blog updated. Let's see!

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