Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The things we do.

There is a bicycle on a chair behind me.

I'm fixing it, airing the tires, making sure the brakes and gears work as best I can make them, etc. I ran into a bump while doing so, but that's probably because I woke up, went downstairs, got the bike from its spot, and brought it up here to make things happen. I still haven't had any caffeine; a moment while I correct that error.

Ahh, sweet nectar. So: while bike repair is certainly interesting to a subset of people, it's only a part of the larger story. The important part is WHY I'm fixing the bike: to impress a girl. There's this cool woman I met a few weeks back at a social gathering. She's attractive, relaxed, funny, and single, as far as I'm aware. Combine these elements and the sum is, of course, that I want in her pants.

Sometime during the evening I mentioned biking. I referred someone to Workshop Houston and talked about my experience there, how I learned to affect a few minor repairs to my bike with their help. The attractive woman (whom I will refer to as "Erythorbic", because that is the oddly-named acid in the ingredient list of my Mountain Dew and because it enhances "freshness") used to bike quite often, misses it, and is looking for a bike. She tracked me down through mutual friends and asked where she might pick up a decent bike. I, wanting to get closer to the fair Erythorbic, quickly offered up the derelict from my backyard.

"Derelict" isn't really being kind to this bike, and I'd like to be kind as it's probably reading this post over my shoulder. The bike needs a new chain, but solely because of neglect and the rust neglect brings. I haven't checked the derailleurs, but odds are they work well enough to shift through a few of the more important gears. I suspect the brake and gear wires could use some spray lubricant to make them feel better about life in general. $10 would make this not a pretty bike, but a pretty functional bike.

It's a little too early still for bike repair, though. I really did get up, go downstairs, and get the bike so I wouldn't procrastinate too badly. That doesn't sound terrible. The terrible part is that I was up until 4:30 this morning. I'm working on a bike with very, very little sleep, and it's not surprising that I ran into a minor issue while trying to do something about which I only have a passing knowledge.

Ah, Erythorbic. I hope you appreciate my efforts.

I hope the bike's tall enough.

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