Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goddamn it.

I went outside to feed Tweak today. After hearing horror stories about BARC, we decided to put Tweak on craigslist instead, ask good questions and such of the potential adopters.

Tweak wasn't in the back yard. E. said something about the house handyman taking Tweak back to his owners. I don't think she realized what that meant until we couldn't find the dog in the backyard. I'm still not sure she knows what it means.

I know what it means. It means that an owner who simply didn't care about their dog, who kept its collar too tight and let it roam the neighborhood streets, now has that dog back in their "care". It means that dog's injuries will likely never be looked at, never diagnosed and never fixed.

It means V.'s grandmother likely just didn't give a shit about the dog, either. The handyman undoubtedly told her what he was going to do, even if it was in passing.

Today is a boots-on day, and I wish I could use them as I'd like right now.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Help Tweak!

This is Tweak.
Tweak is a very sweet 30-lb. dog. I met him three nights ago when I was out for a walk. He happily ran over to me, sniffed me, licked my hand, and followed me to the door of my house. I heard a jingle on his collar and thought of checking for tags, then calling any number I might find on them. Sadly, I realized that I didn't have my phone, and I let him wander off after another random person.

Last night I got out of my car and walked to the door. I was almost inside when I heard a noise behind me. There Tweak stood, eagerly wagging his whole body, ecstatic to see me again. I sighed, went upstairs and asked V. to come down & help me check him out.

Tweak's collar was on too tight and had no tags. Sometime between three nights ago and last night, Tweak acquired a bit of a wobble in his hind legs. It didn't seem to be too serious, though; he still wiggled and wagged and sniffed as though it didn't bother him in the slightest.
We gave him some food and kept him in our fenced back yard for the night. At times, we heard him whining at being all alone back there.

Today, we took Tweak to BARC. They told us that to accept him, they would need to immunize him and have him stay with us for another 24 hours. They weighed Tweak, gave him medicine orally, nasally, and subcutaneously, and we put him back in the car. He's in the back yard again with a bowl of food, some water, and a cool, shady place to lie down.

Tweak was given a 24-hour respite. If we can't find another home for him, or a place with a different rescue shelter, we will take him back to BARC tomorrow. He is loving, good with friendly cats and good with friendly people. He's not a jumper and he JUST had his immunizations. He is not neutered. He needs your help.

If you think you can give Tweak a good home, or if you can foster him, or even if you can wait to get him into a better rescue program, please give me a call.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Of No Particular Substance

  • I got a Google Voice number recently. If we talk regularly, you've probably already heard. The new number is 832-KEYD-TIM, or 832-LEWD-TIM, or any other letter combination that uses those numbers. Feel free to give me a call.
  • I connected a bit more with an acquaintance that V. and I met at a friend's party. Acquaintance & her fiance were invited by another guy I'm acquainted with, so aside from just striking up a Facebook conversation (as she did) it wasn't likely we'd ever talk much. Turns out they live a stone's throw away, and they might come over this evening and hang out. This is why I like the internet.
  • I play a lot of Wii and drink a lot of tequila lately. I'm also getting out of the house a decent amount. Don't worry too hard. (Besides, tequila & I have a long-standing friendship.)
  • We had R. and C. for July. Now R. is back at his dad's. C. is with us for another day. The house will feel strangely empty without them, but I suspect that'll only last a few minutes. After the emptiness wears off, I envision appreciation.
  • Another room has laminate flooring. It's the sixth time V. and I put down laminate flooring. We're GOOD, and as a result the room looks far better. The house feels more like home than I imagined such a change would make.