Monday, August 3, 2009

Of No Particular Substance

  • I got a Google Voice number recently. If we talk regularly, you've probably already heard. The new number is 832-KEYD-TIM, or 832-LEWD-TIM, or any other letter combination that uses those numbers. Feel free to give me a call.
  • I connected a bit more with an acquaintance that V. and I met at a friend's party. Acquaintance & her fiance were invited by another guy I'm acquainted with, so aside from just striking up a Facebook conversation (as she did) it wasn't likely we'd ever talk much. Turns out they live a stone's throw away, and they might come over this evening and hang out. This is why I like the internet.
  • I play a lot of Wii and drink a lot of tequila lately. I'm also getting out of the house a decent amount. Don't worry too hard. (Besides, tequila & I have a long-standing friendship.)
  • We had R. and C. for July. Now R. is back at his dad's. C. is with us for another day. The house will feel strangely empty without them, but I suspect that'll only last a few minutes. After the emptiness wears off, I envision appreciation.
  • Another room has laminate flooring. It's the sixth time V. and I put down laminate flooring. We're GOOD, and as a result the room looks far better. The house feels more like home than I imagined such a change would make.

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