Friday, October 23, 2009

I wish to destroy Chase ATMs.

The story is thus: V. has a weird little Chase card instead of direct deposit. I regularly remove the cash from that account & keep most of it on hand. Today, the little door on the ATM machine didn't open. The machine and the account both say they gave me almost $600, but I'm damned sure I don't have almost $600.

Their claims process will take at least a week, and there's no real guarantee that Chase will find in our favor. If we're LUCKY, in a week we will have the amount refunded, will be able to feed ourselves. If we're UNLUCKY, and it is almost entirely luck, Chase will tell us that money is not being refunded. There's no telling what their "investigation" will reveal, especially since after I went into the bank to complain, two people seemed to use the ATM successfully. For all I know, one of them walked away with an extra $580 and a spring in their step. If so, that certainly won't help our chances.

Best part: I'm not on the "account", so I am completely impotent. I couldn't even vent my spleen with them on the phone after it happened. As such, there's a gap of over a half-hour from time of incident to the time V. called. V. made the snap decision and told them it was she who tried to pull the cash; if she explained that it was me, it would add light to the two or three futile attempts I DID make to call them, would give an idea as to why the gap between incident and report was so long. I understand her decision not to tell them that I knew her PIN and such. I'm simply unsure it was the best decision. It's done now, and everything is in the hands of Chase.

Am I alone when I say I don't find that very reassuring?

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