Thursday, October 1, 2009

On Roman Polanski.

I don't always believe that The Law is The Last Word. Sometimes The Law should be lenient. Sometimes The Law should be changed. Sometimes The Law makes mistakes.

I'm not for rape. I have a daughter. I would kill the man or woman who hurt her in such a way.

If Polanski were captured and incarcerated all those years ago, justice would be served. He wasn't, and that is the biggest tragedy and mistake in this case.

The world has moved on and largely forgotten the deed itself. The victim works to find herself outside of this one event, works to keep it from being the life-changing horror that some of you wish it always was. The people who talk of bringing a criminal to justice are really doing no more than waving a past hurt in our collective face, shouting "WHY AREN'T YOU STILL CRYING?! YOU SHOULD BE SOBBING!! HE HURT YOU SO MANY YEARS AGO; DOESN'T THAT MEAN ANYTHING?!"

Maybe some of us don't want it to mean what you want it to mean.

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Lord of Entropy said...

As someone who believes retributive justice is innately flawed at best, I sympathise with your position. I do think that to understand Polanski's case, it should also be viewed through the lens of basic game theory.

From the position of the system that exists & Polanski's guilty plea, undermining the benefits of fleeing the country becomes its own serious concern. Beyond the loss of authority that comes with giving an order that carries no weight, the system is already badly undercut by the privileged.

For its own preservation, pursuing Polanski can be an act of self-preservation. This does not prevent agents of the system from acting out of vengeance (indeed, that personal drive makes them driven tools), but it does mean that other motivations exist.