Friday, April 30, 2010


Talking to someone cool who suddenly stops responding without reason.  I don't mean in the "Oh, I had to get the laundry" sense; I mean the "Well, if you ever want to say 'hi', you have my e-mail & phone number" lack of response.

We've all been there.  Next time you think of cutting someone off, take a moment to say so.  You know you're hurting their feelings already; just bite the bullet.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Justice: Ou Est Vous?

There's this French musical duo I really like, Justice.  Their debut album, , was a worldwide hit, and for good reason.  I always liken them to Daft Punk if Daft Punk WERE harder, better, faster, and stronger.

Well, that debut album hit back in 2007, and people have clamored for the group's sophomore effort since then.  In 2009, we finally heard rumblings; Justice would be distributed by the newly-reborn Elektra imprint.  Better yet, there would be a new album in "early 2010"!

Time passed.

It's early 2010.  The latest news regarding Justice's new album is almost half a year old.  What happened?  By now, I think the public expected a release date.  The fact that we don't have one is a pretty good indicator that we won't see this album by "early 2010".  I draw that line firmly at the end of June - two months away.  If this album were going to be ready by then, we'd have month-old "release date" marketing and a smattering of European tour dates.

It's no fun to see a favorite band fall from the face of the Earth.  I really hope there's positive news soon, both for Justice and for Elektra.  A delay like this, with no word or explanation, can't help the public's view of Elektra's rebirth.

I know what music Amanda Palmer is listening to during road trips.  It's not hard to get the word out these days; it practically spreads itself.  Ed Banger, Elektra, Justice: can't you let us know anything about the new album?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I haven't written here in a long while.  Twitter sees far more of me.

Life is pretty good.  E. is a smarty; V. loves me; I love them both.  V. is happier at work lately, and it's a very good thing.  We also have a TINY bit more money than we had before.  It makes small differences.

I do arm and chest exercises semi-regularly now.  The results have shown for a while, but last night my increased strength surprised me.  I bumped my shoulder into a corner of our new fridge quite painfully.  Still angry when I stood up, I punched a half-hole in a cabinet door without really trying.  I felt like shit the rest of the evening (which was thankfully short).  V. grabbed my elbow pretty hard and left a bit of a scrape on the inside of it.  It's in such a spot that it makes me feel like I had blood drawn.

Time to work out.