Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I haven't written here in a long while.  Twitter sees far more of me.

Life is pretty good.  E. is a smarty; V. loves me; I love them both.  V. is happier at work lately, and it's a very good thing.  We also have a TINY bit more money than we had before.  It makes small differences.

I do arm and chest exercises semi-regularly now.  The results have shown for a while, but last night my increased strength surprised me.  I bumped my shoulder into a corner of our new fridge quite painfully.  Still angry when I stood up, I punched a half-hole in a cabinet door without really trying.  I felt like shit the rest of the evening (which was thankfully short).  V. grabbed my elbow pretty hard and left a bit of a scrape on the inside of it.  It's in such a spot that it makes me feel like I had blood drawn.

Time to work out.

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