Saturday, May 15, 2010


Last night was another Houston Art Nerds salon, and Snoo ordered many sets of goggles for people to modify.  Unmodified, they look like this:

which is already pretty cool.

At my request, Snoo ordered some mirrored lenses for me to put in my goggles.  I put them in front of the dark welders glass as they were pretty transparent; the dark glass behind them really improves the mirroring, and I like the HEAVY filtering of light.  I had some leather to add, so I carefully cut a swatch to cover each eyepiece and affixed them with the help of Gorilla Glue.  See the circular cap on the original goggles?  Not the one that holds the lens in place - to the left of that, on the eyepiece's cup.  That cap comes off, so I removed both caps and put eyelets in the appropriate places of the leather coverings.  Now I can simply glue minor embellishments to a cap, then affix the cap in its normal spot.

This morning, though, I thought of an even better addition.  Somehow, V. and I managed to fry one of these:

in a past lifetime.  That antenna?  It screws on to a copper post on the back of the router.  I unscrewed it and tried a few various ways of affixing it to the goggles, but none really worked.  In the end, I unscrewed the router's housing, cut the wire to the antenna post, and lifted the whole thing out.  I broke the plastic that holds those little caps and removed the leather covering's eyelet.  I then threaded the antenna post through the existing leather hole and fixed it in place with the nut & locking washer, just as it originally was in the router.

The post is now a permanent feature of the goggles,

or I can add the antenna for extra mad-science spiffiness.

I'm quite pleased with the results!

(Aside: I'm not sure from where Snoo ordered our goggles, but you can order a very similar pair here!)

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