Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Smoking is bad, kids.

In the dream, I had a character on an MMO that had a particularly weird, powerful, not supposed to happen, magic item.  It was an artifact that I made quite easily, by chance, but that was strong enough to actually end the world by potentially crashing the game.  I was at a minor gathering/con, and lots of friends there also played the game, so I spent some time trying to show off my new, "really shouldn't be possible" acquisition.  I explained over and over how I slotted a found spell into a simple wand, causing general astonishment and disbelief.

There was a girl at the con on whom I had a crush, and I found myself talking to her in a semi-private setting.  My friend Kit somehow drove by in a wheelchair(?) and invited us to some gathering or party.  I was smoking a cigarette, so I finished it and hopped in the cute girl's van.  We decided to drop by a McDonald's for dessert briefly.  Cute girl kissed me, with unexpected but welcome tongue, then quickly pulled away in disgust at the taste of cigarette still in my mouth.

I lose a little of the narrative here.  Somehow, when I woke, the dream had me doing calculations, trying to figure out decimal places.  My best guess is that prices were amazingly inflated at McDonald's and I was trying to work out how much to pay.

My eyes didn't want to stay open when I woke.  For a while I lay in bed, my arm over one eye.  As I stared at the ceiling, I saw a near-transparent, cartoony flag fluttering in front of the ceiling.  It disappeared once both of my eyes were open.  The dream wanted to keep me.

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