Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Flee.

There's something I want to say to a lot of my friends, something about which I feel strongly.  It's something they may not want to hear, but I hope they (you) all read this and consider it.


I feel the frustration of being a lone bastion of sanity in a sea of crazy.  BUT, I have also worked to gather around me other sane-in-the-right-ways people.  It galls me when they all talk of just up and disappearing to blend into a sea of people a little like them, with whom they may never form any lasting connections because they will be in a sea of people a little like them.

Adversity creates unity in people of like minds.  It's a small world here in Houston.  People know each other, often in surprising ways.  A person who knows no one in this town, who feels alienated and alone, can suddenly slide into an amazing social life through meeting one or two new friends.  It has to be like a godsend for some, especially younger people and transplants from elsewhere.  We have a community, and it will be less for your leaving.

Of course there's a self-serving element to this sentiment.  Some of us just can't go.  Some of us HAVE to make the most of where we are and what we've got.  I'm grateful to have all of you as best friends, just friends, friendly acquaintances.  You make my life better, and you regularly talk about what amounts to an exodus.  I think you'd be missing out.  You'd certainly meet some cool people and connect, make new friends.  I don't think you'd have anything near the community we have, where almost every new person is a good friend of someone you already know and love.  There's no reason for everyone to know everyone else of like mind when there is a sort of homogeneous like-mindedness across the whole town.  Please, ask yourselves these questions.  Is the grass that much greener in Austin, or Seattle, or Portland?  How will you be weird where weird is normal?  Are you really unhappy where you are?

If this sounds grumpy, it may well be.  I don't want to lose any of you to the Sea of Similarity.  I want us to continue being weird together.  <3


Trouble Flower said...

You're speaking truths that I only came to understand after leaving the sea of similarity and moving here.

I totally had more to this comment, but my undercaffeinated brain dropped the ball.

Thrae said...

That's the thing, I think.  I lived a lot of places, and I learned.  Everything, anywhere, is what you make of it.

Places, to me, are nothing without people.  Hearing so many of my people wish they could slip away to other, "greener" pastures ruins me.

Ellie K said...

You said: Adversity creates unity in people of like minds.

Wise beyond your years, you are. That sounds like Yoda! But really, it is a canny observation. I've felt it too, growing up and then returning to NM and AZ. Like your friends in Houston, thinking "grass is greener in...". Your attitude is a better way to find happiness. But you know that.

Read the other posts. Hope you had fun during that Sept weekend. No follow-up. Consider a status update?

Good fried router-and-goggles story. Enjoyed the photo documentation. Nice pic of the final version (you have such flawless skin, wow). Rubbery antennas like the one cannibalized from the router are bouncy fun! Wish there were more.

I echo your sentiments regarding the non-joys of Mother's Day.

Please accept my condolences on the passing of your Uncle. That was a fine eulogy. I lost two people recently, and cried a bit seeing the photo of your Aunt and Uncle. It was so gentle and sweet.